Public Holiday: Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

30 Jun 2025

Date 2024

Monday, 1 of July

Date 2025

Monday, 30 of June

Official: Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
Others: Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul
Spanish: San Pedro y San Pablo Solemnidad de San Pedro y San Pablo Fiesta de San Pedro y San Pablo
Saints Peter and Paul - El Greco

The solemn feast of the apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul is celebrated on June 29th. In Colombia, when this day is not Monday, the holiday is moved to the following Monday. During the long weekend, many cities and municipalities attract tourists to participate in the "San Pedrinas" festivities.

Saint Peter and Saint Paul are considered the founding apostles of the Christian church. Jesus named Peter as "the rock" of the church. For his part, Paul, a persecutor of Christians, was "touched" by Jesus and converted to faith. Both dedicated their lives to proclaiming the life of Jesus and died as martyrs.

Where to celebrate the “San Pedrinas” festivities?

In Colombia this festive bridge is celebrated in a big way. The most traditional festivals take place in the interior of the country.

Greater Tolima (Tolima Grande), which includes the departments of Tolima and Huila, is recognized for these festivities that combine the Catholic aspects of the patron saint festivities with municipal and commercial celebrations.

The Ibagué Colombian Folk Festival and the Neiva Folklore Festival and Show are cultural heritage of the Nation. In Neiva, the festivities include dancing the sanjuanero and continue for a couple of weeks until the winner of the beauty contest Reinado del Bambuco is known, and close with the Festival and Folklore Show.

The San Juan parade, in Neiva, is recognized as one of the richest folkloric expressions in the country. In addition, in several municipalities of Tolima and Huila "Popular Stages" (Tablados Populares), which are outdoor artistic and cultural events that take place on platforms, typically in public parks and squares. These events are often free and open to the general public and include live music, theater, dances, and other forms of entertainment.

In El Espinal, Tolima, the party is also lived with the candidates for the Festival and National Reign of San Pedro.

Melgar celebrates the San Pedrino Festival, the gastronomic festival, craft fair and orchestras every night of the weekend.

Also in Natagaima, San Antonio, Coyaima and Alvarado celebrations are being prepared.

In Los Llanos, the International Reign of the Joropo with its traditional dance along Avenida 40, about three thousand dancers stomp.

In Antioquia several municipalities invite you to have fun at their parties and parades.

Fiestas de San Pedro en Neiva, Huila
Parade during San Pedro Festival in Neiva

Religious stories

The liturgical feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, in Colombia, is celebrated on the Sunday following June 29. This ceremony remembers special moments in the life of Pedro and Pablo.

One of them is the mysterious way in which Pedro gets out of jail, where he was well guarded and tied up in chains. Peter was sleeping and felt that an angel illuminated the cell and ordered him to get up. Pedro thought it was a dream. The angel ordered him to put on his sandals and belt. Peter did so, convinced that he was having a vision. They walked through the corridors, past guards, and the last gate opened by itself. Peter came out and said surprised that it was true that the Lord had sent an angel to free him.

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