Saint Joseph's Holiday & International Men's Day

24 Mar 2025

Date 2024

Monday, 25 of March

Date 2025

Monday, 24 of March

Official: Saint Joseph's Day
Others: Feast of Saint Joseph Solemnity of Saint Joseph
Spanish: Día de San José Solemnidad de San José
Portrait of Saint Joseph with newborn Jesus

The Saint Joseph's Holiday is held every year on the first Monday following March 19th. In Colombia, in addition to being the day of Saint Joseph as the patron of the Catholic Church, it is also celebrated as the International Men's Day.

The Origin of St Joseph's Day

The Church celebrates St Joseph as the father of Jesus. The celebration began in different places as early as the 10th century, but it was officially recognized and extended to the entire Catholic world by Pope Pius V in 1479.

The gospel of Matthew relates that Joseph, betrothed to Mary, had resolved to leave her upon hearing the news of her pregnancy. However, after a dream in which an angel asks him not to be afraid to accept the child, Joseph becomes Mary's husband.

The accounts also indicate that the two traveled to Bethlehem, that Joseph was a witness to the visit of the shepherds in the stable, and received an announcement to flee to Egypt and save Jesus, which he obeyed. As a family, they went many times to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover.

Joseph is described as a silent and noble saint, who put himself at the service of God above his personal interests.

Men's Day

Men's Day began to be celebrated in Colombia in 2000. One year earlier, in Trinidad and Tobago, Jerome Teelucksingh proposed the holiday after a seminar on domestic violence and marriage, with the idea of promoting men teaching their children values, character, and responsibility of being a man.

The celebration is international in nature and the date in most countries is November 19th, but in Colombia it was adjusted to March 19th, the traditional date of the St Joseph's holiday.

What to do on Men's Day?

The holiday proposes six pillars:

  1. Promoting positive male role models; everyday men, working-class men, who live dignified and honorable lives.

  2. Celebrating all the positive contributions of men to society.

  3. Addressing the health and well-being of men in social, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects.

  4. Highlighting discrimination against men, which is observed in areas of social service, social attitudes and expectations, and legislation.

  5. Improving gender relations and promoting equality.

  6. Creating a safer and better world, where people can reach their full potential.

To keep in mind

According to the public holiday calculation rules in Colombia, St Joseph's Day falls on the first Monday counted from March 19th. On the other hand, Men's Day is always celebrated on March 19th. Therefore, although these days are related, their exact celebration date is not always the same.

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