Ascension Day in Colombia - Upcoming dates and celebration

13 May 2024

Date 2024

Monday, 13 of May

Date 2025

Monday, 2 of June

Official: Feast of the Ascension
Others: Solemnity of the Ascension of Jesus Christ Ascension Thursday
Spanish: Ascensión de Jesús Día de la Ascensión Ascensión del Señor
Ascension Day Public Holiday

The Ascension of Jesus is a festival of religious origin. It is one of the most important solemnities of the liturgical calendar within Easter time. It is believed that the celebration began in apostolic times but the clearest evidence dates back to the 5th century.

Every year its official date changes according to the lunar calendar. The Ascension is celebrated on the 40th day from Resurrection Sunday (Easter Sunday). In Colombia, the holiday is calculated by adding 43 days to Easter Sunday, therefore, it always falls on a Monday.

What is celebrated on Ascension Day?

The Gospels of Mark and Luke and the Book of Acts narrate that Christ appeared to the apostles after his death. The first time was on the road to Emmaus, when two of the disciples were fleeing Jerusalem, disillusioned by the crucifixion of their teacher. Later, when they were all together in prayer, hiding and locked up for fear. Those were difficult days for the community of disciples. They were confused. They had believed in Jesus and thought that he would save them from the Romans.

Forty days after his death, apparently on the Mount of Olives, Christ opened their minds so that they could understand the scope of God's project. Despite the imminent danger, he also instructed them to stay in Jerusalem and await the baptism with the Holy Spirit. Later, the apostles, stunned, saw him ascend to heaven.

This is considered to be the beginning of the mission of the Christian church.

The liturgy of this day celebrates the real presence of Christ in the world in spirit form.

This mystery has been represented by artists of all ages. The iconography tries to explain the man Jesus and the divine Jesus in two planes: heaven and earth.

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